Dimensional measurement

  • 1 ScanBox Gom série 5 (blue light): raw parts and tooling controls
  • 3 three-dimensional measuring machines 
  • 1 profilometer

Analysis laboratory

  • Metallurgy: Thermo Fisher ARL 4460 spectrometer, Thermo Fisher easySpark spectrometer, Leco CS 744 sulfur carbon analyser, Heraeus Meltcontrol thermal analyser, ASEG Galloni remelting furnace, “Eddy current” and micrography
  • Sand plant equipment: Leco CS 744 carbon sulfur analyser, particle size measurement, permeability, high humidity resistance, compactibility
  • Non destructive control: Bosello X-ray station (material penetration up to 50 mm) and magnetic particle control
  • Mechanic: laboratory machine for traction, resilience (Zwick)
  • Chemistry: Varian flame spectrometer, Olympus GX 51 microscope