Foundry since 1965

The company, which has nearly 300 employees, has just been taken over by a German group, Callista Private Equity, with financial support from the former shareholder.

The major modernisation plan undertaken since 2013 (120 million euros), including the installation of a new molding line, will thus continue. The new investment programme of more than €32 million includes changes to the melting process to make it more energy-efficient and flexible to produce new types of parts.

FDB will continue to supply high quality products to an international customer base and will diversify its production to serve new customers and open new markets.


Our history

More than a company, a team of women and men

Fonderie de Bretagne is located in Southern Brittany, near Lorient. By joining our company, you will benefit from a privileged living environment, between sea and countryside, in the heart of a territory rich in beaches, wild coasts, valleys and history. "Land of sailors, people from Lorient look to the open sea with the optimism of those who seek new horizons".

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